About Us

About Us

Our Business Model is Based on Our Own Experience

As investors ourselves, we have built and managed our own investment properties from the ground up. We know first hand what makes a property a profitable investment. We understand the value of efficiency, risk management and tenant comfort. Every aspect of our service is focused on maximizing your investment.

When you work with Leasing Alert, you trade in hassles and headaches that are often associated with rental management, for peace of mind and profit. Our professional property management strategy is designed around the unique needs of your property and financial goals. If tenant placement is all you need, we will find and screen the highest quality tenants. If full service management is what you prefer, we will use our experience and knowledge to take care of everything throughout the tenancy lifecycle.

With over 25 years of experience in the real estate investment industry, we have come to understand what is truly important and valuable for a successful property management company. Our goal is not only to serve you but for us to thrive together. We seek partners not clients, for the property owner, the agent, and the tenant. Good property management means less hassle, less brainpower, and less stress for all of our partners.

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Our Committment

Being Alert is Our Number One Goal

We specialize in leasing and managing residential single-family homes, condominiums, and townhouses. We also offer services for multi-family and commercial properties across Los Angeles County and the Antelope Valley; areas including Santa Clarita, Palmdale, and Lancaster.

We extensively screen tenants (Credit, background checks, verification of employment, and previous rental history) to find the best possible candidate for your investment.

Leasing Alert Property Management Single Family Home Rentals
Leasing Alert Property Management Multi-Family Home Rentals
Leasing Alert Property Management Multi-Family Home Rentals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Leasing Alert is strictly a property management company. Although we are licensed real estate agents, we are not in the business of selling homes. If you need a referral for an agent we can provide that to you. If you were referred to us by an agent, we will refer you back to them when you are ready to sell.

If you see a property you are interested in, please contact our office to set up a viewing. You can also apply for properties that are not yet available to ensure you are qualified prior to viewing a property.

Applications are accepted online through Buildium or you can schedule an in person meeting. Applications are one per person over the age of 18 and $50.00 per applicant. In-person applications are accepted in cashiers check or money order only.

Application fee’s are non-refundable if we have already processed the application and run your credit / background check. The reason we are unable to refund your application fee is because we are simply charging you the cost that  3rd party services charge to run your credit / background check.

  1. All applicants must present valid government-issued photo identification.
  2. All proposed occupants 18 years of age or older and emancipated minors must submit a completed rental application
  3. All applicants must provide proof of legal and verifiable income:
    1. 2-3 recent copies of verifiable pay records and/or documentation of any other sources of legal and verifiable income (including but not limited to, alimony, child support, trust accounts, social security, disability, welfare, retirement or investment income, student grants, and/or loans or any other legal, verifiable income)
    2. If you are employed, employment verification will be made either by FAX on the company letterhead or by phone. If you are not employed, your income must be legal and verifiable.
  4. Rental references

All tenants are required to have renters insurance and proof of insurance at the time of move in. All tenants must list Leasing Alert, INC as an additional insured on your rental policy. All policies must show a minimum of $100,000 coverage.

Please feel free to reach out to our senior property manager Casey Coffey by phone or through our contact form.




If you are an existing client or tenant, you may also use your owner/tenant portal on Buildium to contact your property manager.

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